November 28, 2020

Do not get Burned By Web Designers

In case you bring up the subject of web design with small business people, it wouldn’t take long to find someone who has been burned by a web designer. Perhaps they have even arrive at the conclusion that a web site is not really worth the expense. Let’s look at how and why that happens, and outline a few success principles that will help you when you need web design services. Since so many web designers get it wrong, the web design principles that actually work may surprise you.

One of the problems with web design is that software programs have made it seem easy to create a web site. When you have the software, it would not take you long to build a web site. There are an abundance of inexpensive templates available to make it even easier to put together a web site. Getting a professional looking web site is not difficult at all. So you may wonder, why is that a problem?

The process of creating a web site does not end with making it look professional. In fact , which could very well be one of the least essential aspects of a web site design. Let’s encounter it, there are ugly web sites that make a lot of money. Since life is not reasonable, there are great looking web sites that make little if any money. I’m not saying the particular professionalism of your web site is not essential; I am saying it’s not enough.

There is a serious flaw in the web design sector, and small business owners are especially prone to fall victim to it. The problem is that usually, hardly any business planning goes into a web site design. Too many web designers are more concerned with marketing web design than taking the time to build a highly effective web site.

This deficiency stems from the fact that very few web designers are marketing people. Small business people do not have big advertising budgets, so they are easily attracted to the lower rates of average web designers. Good marketing means setting priorities and effectively using your resources to accomplish objectives.

The one element I find significantly missing in web design is the very thing that is fundamentally important; that component is uniqueness. A Unique Selling Point (USP) is one of the basic tenets of advertising. You must answer the questions: why should I buy from you, and, why is you different from my other choices? If you fail in this area, your website visitor will not be kind to you. They will leave and not come back; they will probably not tell you why they left possibly.

Read your web site copy to find out if it contains another common mistake. Does it say, “We this, ” and, “We that? ” Do not “we” on your web site visitors! Your web site copy should speak to visitors, address their needs, and resolve their problem. It must force them in some way. You need to draw them in and sell them on your solution.

When you take notice of how many web sites violate these basic marketing principles over, you will begin to see how you have the opportunity to rise above your competitors. Just think, if the majority of business web sites are violating also these most basic principles, how much more could you benefit from hiring a web designer who else understands marketing?

There is a lot of emphasis placed on search engine optimization (SEO), and there should be, because this is very important if you want to have your website found by people using the search engines. For most web sites, search engines account for 80% to 95% of all visitors. Nevertheless , as important as SEO is, if you have a web site that is not creating product sales with the visitors you are already obtaining, SEO is the wrong priority.

The next principle is the one you will probably get the most surprising. People actually read web sites! Yes, they do have a short attention span, and we will look at that stage next, but they do read. There has been many studies done to document the way people use web pages. Even though so much attention is given to visuals, the studies show that well over 75% of the time, web page users read the textual content before they notice graphics.

This may not mean that graphics are unimportant. Visual elements are one of the many advantages a website can provide. When you consider that people use the Internet to find information, then it does makes sense that they will read your web site’s articles. Providing the right information can mean the difference between winning a customer, or surrendering them to your competition.

I also promised to pay the short attention span concern. It is often called the 3 second rule. According to web studies, if you cannot catch the attention of your visitor in approximately 3 seconds, that’s how quick they usually leave your web site. We suspect the reason is because so many internet sites are such a horrible waste of your time, that people’s patience has been worn out. The solution is to have a fast launching page that quickly clues all of them in that you can solve their problem. If they can “skim” in a few secs, and you grab their attention, you have successfully drawn them in so that they will stay a while.

Statistically, it takes seven visits before you make a sale. If your web site is not done correctly, you should have dismal results because you can’t get them to come back seven times. That is why so many web site owners are disappointed using their success. That is why some web designers offer what seems to be a bargain, while other web designers have to charge more to give you a better value. It takes more time in order to plan and create a good web site design.

The good news is that most of your competitors will go for the bargain and suffer exactly the same fate as everyone else who does not really realize the value of an effective web site design. Very few of them will invest the particular resources needed for success. If you do, you can win. This does not mean you will need the big budget of a major corporation, or that it has to be expensive, this just means you need to be willing to do better compared to average. The rewards are much greater when you stretch beyond the norm.

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