October 26, 2020

Basic Garage Door Care

In the garage door industry it is very common to encounter homeowners who were certainly not made aware of how to properly take care of their garage doors and garage door openers. Striving to inform customers about each aspect or their garage doors – from purchasing the right product to the proper way to care for those products after the install – should be at the heart of every door company’s operation. It is the largest shifting object in your home. It is literally the moving wall. Proper maintenance of your own door is imperative to ensure that it functions smoothly and safely. Therefore just how should you maintain your doors and openers? As a seasoned professional, We are glad to help!

Garage door care step-by-step:

1) Check the door’s stability and motion.

If your door will be attached to an automatic door opener, disengage the door so that it can be manually operated with this step. Lift the door completely down and up checking to make sure the door is easily operated by hand – not too heavy, simply no catches or snags, etc . An excellent rule of thumb to remember: if you can’t operate the doorway comfortably by hand then your door opener shouldn’t be lifting it either. Should you find any catches and can fix them safely, do so. If you find the door is too heavy, we recommend phoning a door professional immediately to correct the spring tension. Adjusting springtime tension is dangerous and can cause serious injury if not done correctly, and leaving a door heavy too long can cause costly damage to your door opener.

2) Lubricate most moving parts.

Using a lightweight lubrication (such as a silicon-based lubricant or WD-40) spray all hinges, rollers, pulleys and springs. Springs a person say? Yes. If your door includes a torsion spring system (the suspension springs are mounted on a shaft outrageous of the door), it is important to keep these types of springs lubricated. These springs coil and uncoil each time you use your door. Keeping them lubricated will avoid rust and help ensure they will coil and uncoil smoothly. These springs, as with any moving part, have a limited lifespan but lubricating them can add several years to their useful existence. After lubricating all of these parts you will notice immediately that your door is much less busy.

3) Lubricate the traveler train. (only if you have a door opener)

If you have a side-mounted garage doorway opener then ignore this step. Many garage door openers will have the rail that extends from the motor unit to the wall the door can be mounted on. This is the rail that the opener arm travels back and forth on the open and close your door. This rail must be periodically lubricated to keep the opener traveling smoothly and help prevent premature wear and tear.

4) Contact a local door professional for regular service.

A lot of homeowners neglect this important action. Proper maintenance, as set forth over, will greatly increase the usable existence of your garage door and garage door opener but there might still be issues that can be missed by untrained eye.
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It is recommended to have your door serviced at least once every two years. You may find that the service call prevented a much more costly problem from ever occurring. The technician should cause you to aware of any problems that were adjusted or in need of correction at the time of services.

Following the above steps every couple of months will normally take only about ten to fifteen minutes per doorway (as long as no difficulties ar encountered) and can greatly increase the useful life of your garage door and garage door opener. If you can’t seem to find the time to do it then I recommend contacting a door expert about once per year to do it to suit your needs.

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