May 13, 2021

Celebrating Sankranti With Traditional Dhoti Kurta

India is a land of diverse civilizations. Every state illustrates distinctly different practices and customs but nevertheless there exists a common thread that binds just about all Indians. This common factor is definitely reflected in the way of thinking, living as well as dressing to some extent. While Sarees are usually most prevalent amongst Indian ladies regardless of which state she is supposed to be to, Dhotis are the traditional American indian attire for men that used to be widely worn by Indian men, at least one time upon a time if not now. Nowadays, thanks to changing lifestyles, the Dhoti is just restricted to religious and traditional events including festivals.

Even though Dhoti is the traditional attire for Indian native men, it is worn in different methods in different parts of India. The different styles of putting on the Dhoti is evident even now when during festivals such as Sankranti, Pongal, Durga Puja, Navratri, etc men all over India pick a Dhoti and wear it in a style that’s native to the region they are part of. Sankranti is one of the Indian festivals that make men pick a traditional Indian Dhoti as opposed to some stylish Designer Clothes. The main reason for this being Sankranti or even Pongal has a very traditional appeal in terms of celebrations and rituals.

As being a harvest festival, Sankranti has an extremely ethnic and rustic touch to it.
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Men opt for pristine white Silk Dhotis or Cotton Dhotis plus pair it with Angavastram, Kurtas or even shirts depending upon the native style or preference during Sankranti that spans over two or three times. Dhotis chosen for Sankranti are most often Silk Dhoti, Cotton Dhoti, Art Silk Dhoti, Silk Cotton Dhoti, etc in shades of white offering thin or bold zari and resham woven pattern along the boundary. Simple and traditional, such Dhotis assist bring out the rich cultural flavour of an Indian festival such as Sankranti!

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